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Participating in our club

This tutorial introduces you to a number of things that are useful to know as a member. We will first give an overview of the various types of membership that exist in our club, and shall next explore the possibilities that these offer you in more detail on subsequent pages.

This tutorial consists of the following pages:
Participating in our club

Our club features a number of different types of members. You are currently registered as Guest.

Of course, guests should not really be considered members, but we welcome them nevertheless. All people that visit this website are able to open a small subset of pages (including this tutorial). This allows them to get a taste of what our club has to offer. However, the possibilities are limited; in particular, guests are only able to open one demonstration puzzle.

Past member
Similarly, past members are people who once were members, but who have either decided to deactivate their membership, or who simply haven't visited our club for a very long time. Past members are no longer listed, and have the same access as guests. However, it is very simple to reactivate your membership if you want to.

Candidate member
Once you have registered as a member by providing a username, you initially become a candidate member. Basically, you then have access to all puzzles on our site, but you cannot contribute any content of your own. This allows you to stay a bit more anonymous than a regular member, if you like; however, it also means that the website will not keep track of which puzzles you have tried already, for instance.

Regular member
We advise you to become a regular member: this will allow you to give feedback on puzzles that you solved, or add your own ones to our collection. All you need to do to upgrade is validate your e-mail address. We value your membership, so we will neither flood you with messages nor reveal your e-mail address to others; but we need to have valid information on record to contact you if we have a query about your contributions.

Expert member
Expert members are experienced members that have shown substantial activity in our club. All puzzles that are submitted to our collection are checked for correctness; expert members can take part in this process as a reviewer, and get a sneak preview of new puzzles in the process. We also consider expert members to be honorary members and value their opinions highly.

Editors are responsible for the content of the website in a particular language. We aspire to be an international community, and welcome input from people from all over the world to achieve that. The editors are the ones that make this website appear like it does.

Moderators oversee the contributions from other members, including puzzles and comments. Supervisors try to keep our club a pleasant place by moderating objectionable material. At the same time, they are ready to help you out if you encounter any problems.

Finally, administrators have complete control over the website, including the underlying code and database. They develop new features for our club and have the ability to achieve almost anything that cannot simply be done using the standard pages. So if you have a special request, you should turn to them.

As you can see, there are many ways to take part in our club. All members share the same fascination for logiquiz puzzles, and this club aims to provide a platform where you can indulge in this hobby. You are welcome to contribute as much as you like, but it also great if you just visit now and then to do a puzzle.

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