Club Logiquiz


On the below pages you can find short tutorials to acquaint you with the puzzles on this site. You can find information about how to solve existing logiquiz puzzles, how to create your own puzzles, and about a number of other features of our club. Click on one of the titles to open the corresponding tutorial.

How to solve a logiquiz?
This tutorial will reveal to you the basic techniques (and some more advanced ones) that you need to solve most puzzles. It will explain how to use the diagram, and how to extract the information that is contained in the various clues. In addition, all the useful interactive features that are implemented on this website will be explained. This is a useful tutorial to get you started with our collection of logiquiz puzzles!

How to create a logiquiz?
This tutorial gives a number of tips and tricks that you may find useful when designing your own logiquiz puzzles. It will also point out what you should pay attention to when transscribing or translating existing puzzles. In addition, some neat tools will be covered that are implemented on this website to allow you to add your own puzzles to our collection for others to try. This is a good tutorial to broaden your horizons!

How to participate in our club?
This tutorial introduces you to a number of things that are useful to know as a member. Besides solving and creating puzzles, as covered in the previous tutorials, there are numerous other ways to contribute to our club that will not just help others but that will also benefit yourself. You are most welcome to become a reviewer, editor, or moderator, for instance. This is a great place to have a look behind the screens!

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